BOISSON COMPANY – Woodturner since 1949

French designers tool handles…

The signature of exquisite woodwork !

  • A French company making all types of wooden handles
  • Expertise in the production of small, medium or large volumes
  • Designs appropriate for furniture, home style and tableware uses, as well as other industrial applications  


Recognized expertise and performance

  • Handles
  • Turned items
  • Decorative tableware


Products can de dyed, painted or varnished.


Factory processes perfectly adapted to producing high-performance products

  • CNC and electronically-controlled production lines
  • Robot-operated transfer and procurement points
  • Machine pool specifically adapted to every woodturning technique


We are certified PEFC n° PEFC/10-31-1058



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17, Grande Rue


Tel. : +33 (0)3 84 42 01 75


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